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The objective of wireframing is to have the basic structure and layout of product web page ready. Wireframes do not need to talk about css (colors, fonts, or exact xx.px of padding), and wireframes do not present the UX. For UX, wireframes need to be prototyped and for css, we have guidelines in the product technical design document, and in product development style guide.
Wireframes provide a sketch level presentation to the functional scope of product. Even if the requirements are clearly documented and even if the product design specifications and guidelines are clearly defined, wireframes act as a blueprint for product design which is important for the design team. Wireframes are particularly important for products where there are no design guidelines and need to start from scratch.
A classic example of why wireframes may be needed:
► If there is no sketch or any guidelines for product design
► If there is no product or website as example or reference
► When free to explore fully and use experiences and skills
► When feeling clueless for how to start the product design process

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