System Integrator & Virtualization Platforms in Implementing Cloud

Kanav Gupta
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Systems integrator is important part of Cloud Computing Platform & provides the strategy of the complicated process used to design a cloud platform. It includes well defined architecture to find the resources and the characteristics which have to be included for cloud computing. Integrators plan the users cloud strategy implementation. Integrators have knowledge about data center creation and also allow more accurate private and hybrid cloud creation.

Virtualization is the basis of the cloud computing and there are many platforms that are available like VMware is a technology that provides the provision to create private cloud and provide a bridge to connect external cloud with private cloud. There are three key features that have to be identified to make a private cloud that is:
► Cloud Operating System.
► Manage the Service Level Policies.
► Virtualization keeps the user level and the back-end level concepts different from each other so that a seamless environment can be created between both.

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